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AE08: Image, Symbol and Mystery: An Eastern Christian View of the Sacraments


The Seven Sacraments of the Church from an Eastern perspective.

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Father Lawrence Cross

This program is an audio/video book by the same title and explains the Seven Sacraments of the Church from an Eastern perspective. 6 disk package.

The chapters of this book are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Spirit and Fire
  • Chapter 2: The Mystery of the Church
  • Chapter 3: Sacramental Theology
  • Chapter 4: Baptism – To Put on Christ
  • Chapter 5: Chrismation – Seal of the Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 6: Eucharist – Fire in the Cup
  • Chapter 7: Reconciliation – The Father’s Loving Embrace
  • Chapter 8: Anointing of the Sick – The Oil of Faith
  • Chapter 9: Marriage – The Crowning of Creation
  • Chapter 10: Holy Orders – An Icon of Christ
  • Epilogue

You can also purchase the book itself from our sister site, Eastern Christian Publications, for $15.00

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Disk 1: Chapters 1/2, Disk 2: Chapters 3/4, Disk 3: Chapters 5/6, Disk 4: Chapters 7/8, Disk 5: Chapters 9/10, Disk 6: Epilogue, All Chapters