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bringing Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics Together

Welcome to the Website of the Orientale Lumen Foundation

Started in 1997 in Washington, DC, these ecumenical conferences are a “grass roots” movement among lay persons and clergy to provide a forum for Christians to learn about the “light from the east.”

They allow Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholics and Roman Catholics to meet and pray together, learn from each other’s traditions, and become friends together searching for a common goal: “that they all may be one” in the One Church of Christ.

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July 14, 2025
- July 27, 2025
"Light of the East 5" Pilgrimage
June 17, 2024
- June 19, 2024
Orientale Lumen XXVIII - "Primacy in the 21st Century"
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The Orientale Lumen Foundation is dedicated to fostering Christian unity and understanding by bringing together believers from different Eastern and Western traditions. We need your help to continue our work of promoting the light from the East to the West. By supporting the OL Foundation, you are enabling us to organize conferences, publish books, and develop resources that benefit Christians worldwide. Please consider contributing to our cause and help us build bridges across the Christian world.

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Eastern Christian Publications is a book publishing company located in Fairfax, Virginia, USA that specializes in producing and distributing books dealing with the Eastern Christian Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox. We also provide a forum, through our Eastern Churches Journal publication, for ecumenical dialogue within the various Eastern Christian Churches.