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About OLTV

Orientale Lumen TeleVision (OLTV) was created during the tenth anniversary conference in 2006 when His Beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church approved the proposal to create an Eastern Christian media ministry to provide educational and spiritual audio and video materials to help promote a better understand of the Christian East and ecumenical dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.  Videos are available as DVDs, streaming website or YouTube, and audio recordings are available as CDs and podcasts.

Our Goals

  • OLTV will mostly serve the Byzantine Tradition (Melkite, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Romanian, Italo-Greek, etc.), but also be open to other rites and traditions of the Oriental and/or Latin Church.
  • OLTV will help Christians who have emigrated to remain in contact with their home traditions, liturgies, prayers, folklores, family and social environment.
  • OLTV will bring all emigrated faithful together in a brotherly, deep open link, worldwide, with their mother Church and with each other.
  • OLTV will be a continuation of the pan-Byzantine and ecumenical initiatives of the Orientale Lumen conferences.
  • OLTV will be open and available to all who support its goals and objectives.
  • OLTV will be a service for the entire Christian Church, and especially the traditions of the Eastern Churches.
  • OLTV will be a memorial of love and deep recognition of the late Pope John Paul II who wrote the 1995 Apostolic Letter Orientale Lumen, revealing the contents of this letter in a modern context.

Jack Figel

Executive Producer