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Over the last 20 years, the Orientale Lumen Foundation …

In the last year we have also been asked to serve as a liaison between a nuclear-disarmament “grass roots” movement known as Global Zero and the Vatican to hold a high-level symposium on how to reduce and eventually eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear.  This would be in conjunction with the historic Vatican conference titled “Perspectives for a World Free from Nuclear Weapons and for Integral Disarmament” that I attended last month with over 300 participants from around the world.  Click here to read a full-page, feature article in Horizons (newspaper of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma) about the OL Foundation and the Vatican conference:  Vatican Conference

The “Campaign to Sustain” is a fund-raising effort to support the work of the Orientale Lumen Foundation now and into the future.  This campaign is designed to generate a monthly revenue stream and an endowment fund that can be invested to provide long-term financial stability, and continue the work of the OL Foundation.

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