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Adult Enrichment


AE01: Mystical Theology


AE02: History of Liturgy


AE03: Spirituality of Liturgy


AE04: Theology of Liturgy


AE05: OLC XI – Icons: Expression of Our Faith


AE09: The Eastern Fathers on Involuntary Sin


AE10: Light and Life: The Eucharist


AE11: Light and Life: Baptism


AE12: OLC XIII – Monasticism for Every Day Life


AE19: God’s Holy Fire: A Theology of the Icon


AE20: Come Follow Me – Parish Evangelization


AE21: OLXIV Plenaries


AE22: OLXIV Liturgies


AE23: OLEE3 Plenaries


AE24: OLEE3 Liturgies & Tours


AE31: Christian Sites of the Byzantine Empire

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